A nice refreshed kitchen to start the New Year always feels so good.  Whether it’s organizing out cabinets or giving the decor a bit of a refresh, starting fresh brings a new motivation to be in the kitchen making meals for my family.


Every Friday I share a new video from my kitchen, and to kick off 2018 I thought showing the decor was a good place to start.  I am all about function and simplicity.

I am also a firm believer that less is more in your kitchen, from cookware to small appliances and even dishes (although I do love a good dish collection), having what you need and nothing more is the way to keep a clean and organized space throughout the year.

So here are my Top Picks for Kitchen Essentials.  These are also some things that occasionally it’s nice to buy new to freshen up your space.

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Cookware and Cooking Utensils – The Rachel Ray cookware was one of my favorite things from 2017, and I think doing a refresh on cooking utensils every few years makes a huge difference and helps to keep things decluttered.

A Keurig is a must have in our house.  Although my husband or I are not daily coffee drinkers, the ease of use makes this essential on days we need a hot drink to start or end the day.

Small appliances, I have a few on my list of essentials, but my best advice, keep what you use, pitch what you don’t.  I use my slow cooker multiple times a week.  As a busy family on the go, this is crucial to us eating meals at home.  I have also been told this is the case for the Instant Pot.  I do not have one, but everyone who does raves about them!  A food processor is a small appliance I find myself using more and more.  I am always finding new ways it can help me in the kitchen.  Lastly is the queen of my kitchen, my Kitchen Aid mixer.  A gift I had wanted for years, and worth every inch of real estate it takes up to store it.  I love both the look and the function of this product.

Cutting boards are something i tend to want to replace more than other items in my kitchen.  I like dishwasher safe plastic ones for simplicity of use and clean up.

The final things on my list are a simple white dish set.  Always in style, and perfect for any kitchen, along with a simple, yet heavy set of flatware.  I am so picky with flatware, it needs to have some weight to it for some reason!


As far as kitchen decor goes, I share where I find those things in the video below.  Some pieces I have had for YEARS, others I pick up usually at Home Goods, At Home or Target.

 What are you hoping to refresh in your kitchen for the upcoming year ahead?  Also what is your most used kitchen small appliance, I would love to know in the comments below!


  1. Natasha says:

    My Kitchen Aid Mixer is definitely the most used. We have purchased some of the attachments, which I also love, because it saves the space that would otherwise be taken up by having a whole separate appliance (ice cream maker, meat grinder, etc.) So worth the investment!

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