Meet Samantha

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Hi!  I am Samantha.  I just recently turned 30, but have been a wife, mama, and housewife for almost a decade!  I am married to my college sweetheart, left the comforts of out small town living in Western PA back in 2007 and have lived in the DC suburbs of Northern Virginia since.  We have 3 kids, Matthew who is 9, Lillian who is 8, and JD who is 4.

Happily A Housewife started as a way for me to interact and share life with other mothers in the same trenches I was in, you know dirty diapers, crying babies, hands full, feeling overwhelmed.  As it has grown I am learning it is now so much more than that.  I have women from all stages of life watching our family.  They celebrate our good times, and pray for us and surround us when times are hard.

     I have strived to grow my online presence and social media reach, while keeping the same values and “real life” feel I started with when I began blogging back in 2007.

So what am I all about?  A few of my favorite things are Pizza, Planning, Fall Football Weather, Sports, Real Housewives, Deep Fried Pickles, Making YouTube Videos, Volunteering, Movie Nights With My Kiddos, The Outer Banks, Country Music…. not in that order, except the pizza part!

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