My Favorite Kitchen Organizers

Organizing systems in our homes is so important, but I feel like it is crucial throughout our kitchens.  Over the years I have found that when I invest in organizers that may cost a bit more upfront, I use them for YEARS and while I need to declutter and purge old items occasionally, I do not have to repurchase or reorganize spaces in my kitchen.

Today I am sharing my favorite organizers for the kitchen.  I try to keep most things off my countertops (if you would like to see me countertops and decor in the kitchen CLICK HERE), and contained in cabinets or drawers.


Baking Supplies – I utilize a cabinet close to my food prep and stovetop area for these items.  I take all ingredients out of the original packaging and put into airtight containers.  This helps create a more organized and seamless look in the cabinet.  Some would suggest labeling the containers, but I never have, and don’t really see a need too.  I would place a small sticker with expiration dates on items.

IMG_0021 3

The Fridge – Organizing a fridge isn’t the hard part, keeping it organized is….. especially if you have kids who are in and out grabbing things throughout the day.  I don’t want to set an unrealistic picture… it takes WORK for me to keep my fridge organized, and so many times it is a hot mess.  BUT because of the system I have in place it doesn’t take long to get it back to normal.


The Pantry – I am sure this a problem area for most.  I find taking almost everything out of packaging helps a ton!  Also having a snack bin on the floor of the pantry for all snack size items is a great way to corral those items.  Water bottles are ALL OVER OUR HOUSE with three kids in sports and then our own cups as well.  Having them over the door is the best way I have found to organize them.  I recently replaced my cereal containers that were going on 8 years old with these ones from OXO and LOVE them.  A bit pricey, but worth it!


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What are your problem areas in your kitchen?  I would love to know and possible show my solutions in upcoming posts.

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Kitchen Organizers

  1. Heather says:

    One of the problems I have when filling up a storage container is there is still some that wont fit. I end up with say a container of pretzels and part of a bag. I only have two kids but they each like completely different things so I end up with a lot of snacks. Someday I hope to have it all organized. I have oxo containers from about 10 years ago that need to be replaced. Thanks for your post. I really like the idea of water bottles over the door. Its amazing how I need different ones for my sports playing son.

    • happilyahousewife says:

      anything leftover in a bag, I separate into small snack size ziplocks, for a quick grab and go snack!

  2. Teresa says:

    I love the water bottle idea but in our new house we don’t have a pantry anymore! So sad and a huge adjustment! So they go in a cupboard and I’ve weeded them out but still so many and they fall out all the time! Ugh! Lol

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