So many of you ask what I am getting my kids for Christmas.  In the past I have shown Hauls on my youtube channel but with my kids getting older I have to bury it here on my blog where they, or their friends won’t read!  So today I am sharing things that are either on my kids lists this year, or they have gotten in the past and LOVE and still use.

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This is not a sponsored post. Affiliate links may be used throughout my posts.  Thank you for your support. All opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for reading.  

Gift giving can be so hard sometimes.  I love looking to gift guides to see what others are getting their kids for Christmas so I thought I would share as well.


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For Our 10 Year Old BOY…

Legos — My oldest is into big elaborate sets.  All three of my kids play Legos, and it’s actually something they all play with together.  It’s always a great gift especially for kids who you aren’t sure what they already have, because a duplicate isn’t a huge deal.


Fit Bit — A larger gift, I would save this for kids age 10+.  My son got one for his birthday and LOVES it.  It is also a way to teach responsibility for electronics.

Amazon Fire For Kids — I know, I know…. I rave about these ALL THE TIME, but I can’t help it.  They are that awesome!  Perfect for kids of all ages, super durable, and have a great warranty.

Gaming System Accessories — We don’t go buy the latest and greatest gaming system every time one comes out.  We make our kids take care of the ones they have (our Wii is like 7 years old) and buy accessories when needed.  They best thing we have ever purchased is the charging dock for the controllers.

Baseball Cards — My oldest son looks forward to this every year, he asks for a big box of cards, and enjoys hours of opening them and going through the cards.

For Our 8 Year Old GIRL…

Shopkins — Our girl is a huge fan of Shopkins.  This year I have found an airplane which I think she will really like.  I love when my kids are into collecting a series of toys, it makes  it so easy.

Instax Camera — This was on the top of my daughters list.  When the girl cuts out a picture and takes it to Santa, you don’t mess around.

Art Supply Set — This is a great repeat gift form year to year.  Art sets are reasonably priced, sized and something our kids use a ton.  My husband almost always finds them on Black Friday for a great deal, so they end up under the tree.

Barbies — Last year we went big and got our daughter the dream house.  To make sure it get used and loved for years to come, I try to add more fun elements from time to time.  This year we went with vet barbie.

Books — No matter the age or gender, books are ALWAYS a great gift idea!  If you want more book recommendations check out my BOYS BOOKS, GIRLS BOOKS, and PRESCHOOLER BOOKS videos.

Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage — This was the big ticket item my son asked Santa for.  This years model is quite pricing, and I am still not sure how much it will get played with, so I found last years model, and my son will never know the difference, but I definitely see it in the price.

Educational Toys — These Picasso Tiles are so fun!  JD has a set at school, and every kids loves them.  I am excited to add a set at home.

Lego Juniors — Especially for younger brothers that think they have outgrown their LEGO DUPLOS to be like his big brother, these are a great step.   My kids are all into the Lego Ninjago Sets, my daughter also loves the Lego Friends sets, and their snow resort line is ADORABLE!

Thomas and Friends — While my oldest son couldn’t have enough tracks and trains, my youngest isn’t really into it.  But it is such a great gift and collection to have for your kids. This particular set is on a HUGE SALE!  (at least at the time of posting!)


Lastly, if you aren’t already signed up for Prime Discounted Monthly Offering“>AMAZON Prime, what are you waiting for?!?!?! It was a game changer for me in my holiday shopping!



I hope you found this helpful, and be sure to stick around, later this week I am going to share perfect gifts for nieces and nephews, board games kids love and more!

This is not a sponsored post. Affiliate links may be used throughout my posts.  Thank you for your support. All opinions are my own.  Thank you so much for reading.  


  1. Lisa W. says:

    Hey Sam. My 7 yr old son still plays with his Hotwheels Garage from last christmas, the smaller cheaper version DAILY. Good call on getting the earlier model!

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