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Today I am collaborating with one of my favorite people!  Kimmy from She’s In Her Apron is a huge mentor to me, and always share something that motivates or inspires me to be and do better.  If you haven’t heard of Kimmy, please take a moment to check her out!

While she will be sharing 5 ideas for after school snacks, I am going to share 5 tips to help snack time be less stressful.

1.) Have a designated space for snacks.  Simply using a bin in the pantry to store the weeks worth of snacks will be a huge time saver.  You can also take 1 day (I like to to this on a Sunday) to prep your snacks for the entire week.  I also like to hang a list in my cabinet of my kids favorite after school snacks.


Click the link to print! snacks

2.) If you have picky eaters who only want junk to snack on, try prepping snacks before the kids get off the bus or you get home.  My kids are typically starving and are ready to eat first thing.  If I take 10 minutes to prep before they come home, they just sit and eat.


3.) On school days as soon as we are in the door, it seems like we are back out and off to activities.  More often than not, my kids are snacking on the go.  Using containers with pre made snacks allow for my kids to snack on the go.  Below are some of my favorite containers!


1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

4.) This tip isn’t for everyone, but if you are struggling, the routine and structure may help get you back on track.  Create a snack schedule for the week.  Keep it simple and healthy.  That way you know exactly what needs purchased, and you always know what to serve for snack.  Below is an example of a schedule.


5.) Keep is simple, but occasionally make it fun.  Not everyday have to be pinterest perfect.  However, it is fun to occasionally throw in a really fun creative snack for the kids.

If you want to see more watch the videos below!




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