As I begin this fun journey of sharing gift ideas and learn more about gift giving, I thought it would be a fun place to start in sharing my best of the best list.  Gifts I have given or received that are just always a hit, and a good starting point when thinking of a great gift.  When I do these generic gift guides, I will always try to categorize him/her/kids, but obviously you know the recipient best and there are no boundaries!


Shopping for guys can become hard at times, so I try to keep it as simple as possible and purchase things that run out or need replaced.  It’s my first tip.  See if you buy a cologne your significant other loves, then guess what, every Christmas it can be at the top of the wishlist!  Let’s just say, gift giving isn’t my biggest talent and I like to take shortcuts wherever possible!

gifts for him

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Along with cologne which I mentioned above… slippers and grill tools are also great gifts that need replaced every so often.  A simple tool kit is great for a younger person who may just be starting out on their own.  Nothing to big or fancy, but has all the essentials.  You can’t go wrong with any Yeti product as a gift for just about anyone.  Tech can be tricky because a lot of things can get pricey really quickly.  My favorite bang for your buck product is the JBL speaker.  Headphones are also a great option, I have a few pair that are great picks.

her gifts

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For women it’s pretty easy, I just think of all my favorite things I love to receive and it comes together pretty quickly.  One of my favorite gifts to get is cookbooks.  I love turning the pages and seeing new recipes.  This Cookbook is by far my favorite I own.  This super soft throw blanket from Amazon is so affordable, comes in any color you could want and is the perfect easy gift.  Scarves always make a great gift, especially around the holiday season.  I love receiving stationary of any kind, and it’s actually one of my favorite things to gift as well.  Teachers, coaches, friends, relatives… it’s so versatile and I love giving a gift that I know a lot about, and calendars/stationary are something I have loved for years.


Interested in seeing my best of the best for kids?  Let me know below and that may be my next feature.


Until next time remember “It’s not how much we give, it’s how much love we put into giving” – Mother Teresa

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