For about a year I have had a thought, then an idea, then some brainstorming and a plan…. after that came busyness and putting it on the back burner, doubt, and second guessing.  What started off as an idea for a whole new and different website, has now a more level headed approach, and attainable goal.  I am SO excited to announce Every Moment Gifts.


Every Moment Gifts is a new feature on the blog that, like I mentioned, I have dreamed about for almost a year.

Those that know me (and are on my birthday card list) are probably laughing so hard at this….. um Sam they are thinking…. you SUCK at sending cards, you always forget my kids birthday, and I am pretty sure I have never gotten an anniversary card from you.  Yep, that sounds about right.  So let me explain.

I have ALWAYS been terrible at gift giving.  More specifically sending cards.  It’s something I wanted and NEED to get better at.  I started some simple gift guides in the past here on the blog or on Youtube and SO enjoyed it.  That is where the whole idea started.  While trying to change my systems in my life, I want to share with you all as well.  Showing the growth of being a more intentional gift giver.  You can watch the video below to hear more about WHY I want to do this.


The ideas are endless and I think that is what excites me the most.  I cannot wait to dive in more and share not only traditional gift guides, but also gift supply organization, staying on top of sending cards, intentional gift giving, teacher gifts, and I promise you…. so so so so so so so so much more!


I know not everyone checks my blog regularly as I am more present and more fun over on Youtube, but I will be sure to let you know through my email list, social media and videos when a new Every Moment Gifts post is published!  I am hoping for a post once a week!

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