Life Lately : An Update

Earlier today I read a quote on my friends IG (she’s @julies_plans you should follow her BTW)


There come points with a journey in our lives where we just get tired, whether it be boredom, exhaustion, frustration… and it can happen with anything, friendships, work, marriages, hobbies, and just …. LIFE.


See, I’m a pusher, I push people (name that movie!) but I don’t push others, I push myself.  I always have, and while it’s a great quality to have, it also can lead to this “tired”.  And when I reach tired, I just keep pushing away.

Life lately has been great, amazing, and full of new and exciting adventures.  These past 4 weeks since my oldest started MIDDLE SCHOOL, my youngest started KINDERGARTEN, my sweet girl started girl scouts, which has now convinced me she IS going to change the world one day (scary thought trying to help lead her in changing it in a positive way) life has been exhaustingly beautiful.

Oh yea, did I mention that I also went back to work for the first time in over 11 years…. so my life has been interesting to say the least.

This huge life change has really had me thinking, wondering, where does my social media life fit in now.  It is something I love and would never leave behind, but I’m not going to lie, quitting has been a distant (but never fully serious) idea.  I am “tired” of that stage of my life.  The videos feel a bit meaningless, and my lack of concentration during early morning editing sessions, leaves little creativity.  So quit.   Just be done with it.  But this quote, has me realizing, just rest.  Take a moment, re-collect your thoughts, remember your why and get back out there, WORK hard to make your dreams come true.  Focus on the important parts of your Happily A Housewife journey, and don’t give two shits about all the crap you don’t do.  Because at the end of the day, those “must do items for youtubers/influencers” are bullshit and if you just stay in your lane and show your true self, that is reaching the goals, no number can every give you the same feeling…

wow.  I don’t even know where the words from that paragraph came from, but man I needed to read it.

So here we are, at the crossroads… it’s where we decide to sink or swim, and I have ALWAYS loved to keep going and never give up, so I hope that you will stay and see where this journey takes me to next.


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