As a very happily busy working wife and mama I need to find shortcuts wherever possible.  The kitchen is the place that I find I can take short cuts to help still feed my family at home without slaving away for hours!


There are a few necessities when preparing dinners on busy weeknights.

  1. It has to be fast.
  2. It has to be a family favorite that everyone will eat.
  3. It has to be able to take on the go.

You can watch the video below to see a week on easy on the go dinners, along with the grocery haul and meal prep that go along with that.


Having the right container is a must when making your dinners “to-go” style a couple times a week.  Check out my favorites below!

blog food 1.jpg

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  1.  These LEFTOVER CONTAINERS are perfect for storing leftovers to pack for the next days lunch, or even packing up your dinner for when you are on the go.   My husband prefers these, but they don’t work the best for my kids who like their food separated.
  2. This SISTEMA ALL IN ONE CONTAINER is perfect for a full meal, especially if it includes a sandwich.  This is perfect for packing my lunches for the office.
  3. I have been a fan of the ZIPLOC CONTAINERS for years.  They are a go to, and I love that while they are totally reusable, they are also inexpensive so if one slips in the trash, or gets cracked it’s no biggie.  I pack so many lunches and to go dinners in these.  They are easy to open which is helpful with little hands.
  4. These EASY LUNCHBOX SNACK CONTAINERS are just perfect if you have small kids.  being able to portion out into small amounts all in one container.  I tend to use this for snacks more than meals, but you can use these even with your babies who are just starting on solid foods.
  5. The SISTEMA SALAD CONTAINER is an awesome way to pack up a healthy option on the go.  I really love that I can pack up a salad in minutes either for lunch at work, or dinner at the ballfields.
  6. Similar to the Ziploc containers, the EASY LUNCHBOX CONTAINERS, are a must have for me.

I was going to compile a list of meals I make to take along, but in all actuality you can do this with almost anything, so I challenge you to take your family favorites, and make them to go meals.  Some of our favorites are Tacos, Pasta, Grilled Chicken with Rice or Potatoes.  I also always add in fruit when we are leaving, veggies are a bit trickier, but packing up a salad quick or even some carrots with dipping sauce works great.

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