** This is a post transferred from my old website, original publication was August 26th 2015!
Yesterday was by far the longest, most tiring day in a long time, but don’t let that deter you.  While my back ached a bit and my feet were tired, I was also let with 14+ meals in my freezer to use throughout the fall months.  I also had a newly repaired dishwasher which felt equally as amazing, but that’s another story!
FOURTEEN Meals!  That doesn’t even include the 3 batches of muffins and 6 breakfast bowls.  The muffins were simply from a box mix.  The Breakfast Bowls {shown below} are from a recipe found HERE.
Now onto the dinners.  Every dinner I made I doubled the recipe, so I would get AT LEAST 2 meals out of it.
I made:
{I cannot find a recipe exactly like mine, but this one is close}
Italian Sausage
This is simply Sweet Italian Sausage in the crock pot with spaghetti sauce, peppers and onions.
{Not the same as mine, but looks fantastic!}
To see my whole process and how I pack the meals for the freezer please watch below!


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