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I love wrapping gifts.  SO SO SO much.  From picking the perfect coordinating papers, to ribbons, bows, bags, tissue paper it just a holiday tradition that I cherish and embrace.  However with that comes chaos of storing the materials and having everything on hand needed to wrap gifts.  Here are some of my favorite supplies, and ways you can keep it all organized!

wrapping gift guide

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There are the obvious supplies such as tape, scissors and markers for writing on tags.  I like to have a couple sets of scissors because those seem to always walk off.  I like using sharpies on gift tags, but that’s just my preference.  Having wrapping paper ( I love these sets from Amazon), tissue paper, and assorted gift bags are also useful to have.  For storing gift tags, cards, ribbons and more I love using these small containers.  They keep everything collected, but also won’t squish or ruin bows.
 I do most of my shopping for wrapping supplies at Target and Michaels.  I love going with a color theme.  Last year it was all about Navy, with gold and silver metallics.  I LOVED IT!  It started off as a bit of a joke, but it turned out amazing!  When my kids were little I would pick a paper per child since they could read tags, so they knew which gifts belonged to them.  I love using unconventional boxes, baskets or bins as wrapping as well.

Ok, so lets talk organizing!  I am so excited because this will be my first Christmas with my craft/office room, where I can really spread out and take that over as a wrapping space.  I realize that not everyone has that space, as used to not as well.  So I had to get creative with storage.  Bins and organizers are so helpful with gift wrap.  I used to sacrifice my closet during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that is where all of my supplies would live.  Below are some organizing solutions that will help keep it all together.

wrapping gift guide 2

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

So take some time now before things get out of control and an unorganized mess to create a wrapping system that you can enjoy this holiday season!


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  1. Sarah Centa says:

    I just watched your November favorites video and am assuming you use different paper for wrapping gifts from Santa. I didn’t want to comment on there do to peeping little eyes. I use papers with Santa on them for gifts from santa. I like the idea of one specific paper per child.

  2. Linda says:

    Love your themed wrapping paper. I do that, too, and I think it makes the tree look so pretty when everything underneath is color coordinated. One question for you though. When you have extra wrapping paper left over, what do you do with it? I have a rather large stash of paper I haven’t used in previous years, but that doesn’t coordinate with this year’s theme.

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