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This summer we have been travel more than ever before.  Also we have been staying in hotels which typically we don’t do.  There are certainly small hacks you can do to make life in a hotel a bit more like home.  A lot of these tips also help with clutter that can accumulate in a hotel room as well.

(1) A CLOSET ORGANIZER – Using a simple closet organizer you can create the illusion of more drawer space.  Typically our hotel room closet goes unused.  Now I can fit all the kids clothing in this easy foldable organizer, leaving the drawer space for my husband and I.

(2) FUN TAPE FOR THE FLOOR – I found this fun road tape in the Target dollar spot, but even painters tape will do the trick.  Keeping young kids occupied in a small hotel room is not easy, so sometimes you have to get creative!


(3) SNACK BINS – Ever pack snacks for a trip only to find them completely crushed and unusable upon your arrival at a hotel?  Snacks are a must have for our family when traveling.  Using these simple shoe bin organizers help contain snacks and organize your room at the same time.


(4)  KEEP A TOTE BAG BY YOUR HOTEL ROOM DOOR – This hack is perfect for moms.  By keeping a bag by your hotel room door, you can fill it every time you need to make a trip out to the car.  It is also great for bringing anything back into your room after a long day out exploring a new place.  My hands are always full of random things, this helps contain all of those things.

(5) TAKE ALONG A POWER STRIP – This not only adds outlet space in your hotel room for all the chargers that come along, but it also keeps them all contained to one area so they don’t get left behind at the end of a trip.

(6) ZIPLOC BAGS AND TRASH BAGS – Simply put you can never travel with to many Ziploc Bags or trash bags if your a mom.  They are so useful for so many things.  From dinner leftovers to keeping playing cards contained.   Ziploc bags are a moms best friend when traveling!

(7) UTILIZE YOUR IRONING BOARD – This is a Pinterest tip I have found to be so helpful. The hotel ironing board makes for a perfect table space for the kids!  Whether they are coloring, having a snack or wanting to make a fort to play it, the ironing board works perfectly!

(8) PACK SOME BINDER CLIPS – These can be used to help blackout your room during nap times or bedtime for your little ones.

(9) A BIN FOR SHOES – Shoes are a main source of clutter in our hotel rooms.  The last trip I took a simple fold up bin with us.   When we arrived I unpacked all the kids shoes into that bin.  They then knew during the trip that is where shoes belonged.  It made a huge difference in the chaos of trying to find lost shoes all weekend!

(10) TAKE AN AIR FRESHENER – I thought this was silly at first, but my friend swears by it.  I tried it, and now I will never go on a trip without it.

If you want to see all these tips being used in a hotel during a trip we recently took, watch the video below!


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