Organizing Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

My number one rule for organizing a space is that it needs to work for YOU.  Just because something is beautiful, and appealing to the eye, doesn’t mean it will necessarily fit your needs for a space.  Browsing the internet for ideas and inspiration is great.  Ultimately however, you have to create a space the is suitable for you.

Case in point is under my kitchen sink.  I have so many pipes and gadgets under my sink, yet I have always stored my cleaning supplies there, so I needed to make it work.  It may not look the best, but it is functional that that’s what matters.

I have a few spaces in my home where when I open the cabinet or door I am in love with the site of it, and that motivates me to keep it organized.  This is not one of those spaces.

If you would like to see what under my sink looks like you can watch the video below…

If you would like to see some amazing ideas and inspiration I have PINNED a bunch of my favorites!

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