Today I am throwing it WAY back to my old blogging days before Happily A Housewife (dun fact: I have been blogging since March 2007).  I used to share 5 random thoughts on Fridays all the time, and for the summer I thought I would bring it back!

5 on friday

1 – Summer, Summer, Summertime – So far so good y’all!  It really has been a seamless transition this year.  We have had a great first week, and considering we haven’t been able to go to the pool or really do any full on outdoor activities, it’s been amazing.  Lilly still has her cast on, but we are hours away from total summer freedom (fingers crossed her appointment goes well).


2 – Most Requested – A big request from you all this week has been a printable copy of my kids morning routine.  It isn’t anything fancy, and it isn’t editable, but for those that liked the layout seen in THIS VIDEO, you can now print one too!



3 – A Huge Cleanout – now, this is totally just a theory, but…. I have the master plan to beat all the “algorithm” crap that we hear about on social media.  I like so many of you just wish that these apps would stop trying to tell me who I want to see.  You know what I want?  I want to see the people I hit follow to, or subscribe, or like.  I also would love to see them in the order they post, but I know that is way too much to ask for.  So here’s what I did.  This week on Youtube I went through and unsubbed to over half of my sub list.  you know those super popular you tubers you are subbed to just because, or the celebs on insta who you really follow for no reason.  GONE.  I now only follow those that I want to watch most if not all the videos they put out.  If I only have a small group of people I follow, my thought is they have to show me that because there isn’t anything else to shove in my bus box…. totally makes sense right?!?!?!?  I have no clue if it will work, but it did feel good to refresh my feeds.

4 – THESE CONTAINERS are a summer must have for me.  I have loved the Easy Lunchbox containers for years, but these square divided containers by the same brand are fantastic!


5 – This week I have been searching for some fun pool toys to take with us later this summer to the beach and thought I would share my favorites!  (Most of these things we wouldn’t use at our community pool). Walmart and the Dollar Tree also have good selections of cheap pool toys!

Also I have gotten so many questions about taking kids to the pool, especially when they are young, and I hope to answer that soon in a video, it’s just kind of a touchy subject for me at times, and want to answer it truthfully without sharing a story that isn’t mine to tell.

pool toys.jpg

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The basketball game is on MAJOR sale right now, like 48% off!

Here’s to a great weekend everyone!

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