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Erin Condren Planner Notes Pages

It is no secret that I LOVE my paper planner.  I have been an Erin Condren customer since 2010 and have used her Life Planner for years to keep my family and home organized.

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In just a few short weeks I will be switching books and moving into the new 2018-2019 planner.

Throughout the process of setting up new new planner I have shown through videos things that work for me.  Today I am sharing how I transform the blank notes pages in the back of the book into functional layouts of information I need on the regular.

To see how I create these pages watch the video below:

Here are some up close photos of the pages, since it is hard to see in the video what exactly is on each page.

1 -Year On A Page – I almost always use this layout to show my kids school schedule.  I use THESE stickers from Krissyanne Designs to highlight days off or important reminders.  The letter stickers are from the Erin Condren Teacher Sticker Book Found HERE.

2 – Quotes / Goals Notes Page.  It’s always important to me to have some sort of goals section in my planner.  I write more private goals in a notebook that won’t be seen all across the internet, but this is a great reminder of what I am working toward, and quotes are a great element of a goals page as well.  The washi tape can be found HERE and the stickers are from THIS sticker book.

3 – Gift List.  I am determined to utilize this page more this coming year.  As I think of things to gift my family members, or if I have a big event I need a gift for, this is the perfect spot to jot it down!  The washi tape can be found HERE and the stickers are from THIS sticker book.

4 – Cleaning Routine.  I would love to say I stick by this each and every day, but that isn’t the reality.  However, having the list does hold me accountable and help me stay on task each day.

5 – Monthly and Daily Tasks.  I loved this list in my last planner, so I basically condensed it into one page to save space, and copied it in!

6 – Meal planning is one of my most important jobs (at least in the eyes of my hungry kids …. lol) so having my strategies at the turn of a page is important to me, I also have included a go to quick lunch packing grocery list and after school snack ideas.

7 – Meal Ideas. Just a quick look at our families favorite meals, and easy last minute party planning foods too!

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