50K and New Beginnings

For awhile now I have seen my YouTube subscriber count slowly approach a pretty big milestone.  No it isn’t silver/gold/platinum play button worthy, but it a very big accomplishment for me.  50K.  Almost exactly 4 years after I started my YouTube journey.  So today I decided to do something scary.  Completely start over on my blog.  I feel like since starting YouTube I have been learning and growing on that platform, and have been loving it, but I haven’t been nourishing my roots.  Did you know I started blogging in 2007?  It was an old account on a site that I am sure no longer exists.  I started documenting my life as a newly married, housewife, who was about to have her first child.  It was a way to connect with others going through the same things as me.

I always talk about redesigning my blog, and making it more my style, but it never happens.  Why?  Because it scared me!  I am not a HTML pro, or know the first thing about widgets, templates, and web design.  I am going to start slow and small, but I am committed to trying to learn and do it myself.

What about my old content on Happily A Housewife Blog?  I am not completely sure.  I really want this to be a fresh start, so I may go back and transfer some posts over (if that’s even possible) but I am sort of looking at that as my blog from my 20s and this is a fresh new start not only for 50K but also for documenting my 30s.

What is different here than on YouTube?  Not much actually.  It will just be a different format with a lot of the same information.  An easier way to access links, save things you like to Pinterest, and see images of projects/products I am talking about.  Blog posts for the week will always be linked in my weekly vlog, as well as in the video it corresponds with.  I barely follow blogs anymore, so I am not sure of how you follow along other than clicking a link someone provides anyway … lol.

If you have any other questions please let me know!  I am excited and nervous to start this new project, but also excited to start a new chapter!



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